Monday, January 21, 2008

Tables that do not have Clustered Index

I'd like to share with you this script that returns name of tables that do not have Clustered Index defined on.You may ask, why do we need to create a Clustered Index on the table at all? Well,I think it is a subject for another blog , my experience is that every table should have clustered index.

--SQL Server 2005 (SP2)

SELECT name AS object_name FROM sys.objects WHERE name NOT IN
SELECT AS object_name
FROM sys.indexes i
JOIN sys.objects o
ON i.object_id = o.object_id
WHERE objectproperty(o.object_id,'IsMSShipped') =0
AND I.type=1 ---Clustered Index
) AND objectproperty(sys.objects.object_id,'IsMSShipped') =0 ---Only user objects
AND objectproperty(sys.objects.object_id,'IsTable') =1 ---Only tables


Razvan Socol said...

The following query should return the same results:

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as object_name
FROM sys.indexes WHERE type=0
AND objectproperty(object_id,'IsMSShipped')=0
AND objectproperty(object_id,'IsTable')=1
ORDER BY object_name


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