Thursday, February 22, 2007

Week of Month

I have been experiencing many time with such requests like 'Give me number of week fo given date' , do you?
Actually we use here a simple logic.
Week number for given date minus a formated given date to the first date of the month (20070201) plus 1

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.WeekOfMonth (@now_day DATETIME)
RETURN DATEPART(week, @now_day) - DATEPART(week, CONVERT(CHAR(6), @now_day, 112)+'01') + 1
SELECT dbo.WeekOfMonth('20070201') AS [1st]
SELECT dbo.WeekOfMonth('20070209') AS [2nd]


Unknown said...

Perfect! I searched high and low for this...thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

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aiya said...
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