Monday, February 26, 2007

CASE expression techniques

I'm sure that all of us know and do CASE expression in their projects and reports. I'd like to share a couple of methodes that I used rarely , but it looks useful

Using Case in JOIN query
CASE expression checks title's type column and assign an appropriate column to be referenced

SELECT a.au_lname, a.au_fname, a.address,
t.title, t.type
titleauthor ta ON ta.au_id = a.au_id INNER JOIN
titles t ON t.title_id = ta.title_id
INNER JOIN publishers p on t.pub_id =
CASE WHEN t.type = 'Business' THEN p.pub_id ELSE null END
INNER JOIN stores s on s.stor_id =
CASE WHEN t.type = 'Popular_comp' THEN t.title_id ELSE null END


SELECT FROM Territory AS t JOIN Customers AS c
CASE WHEN t.countrycode = 'US' OR t.countrycode = 'CA' then t.Areacode ELSE t.countrycode END=
CASE WHEN c.countrycode = 'US' OR c.countrycode = 'CA' then c.Areacode ELSE c.countrycode END

The following CASE expression we use more 'frequently'
This CASE expression returns 1 or 0 (True ,False)
SELECT * FROM Table1 t1
WHERE t1.col1= 1 AND t1.col2= t2.col2)
END AS Alias
FROM Table2 t2
ORDER BY columname


Unknown said...

This is indeed a useful technique. I am trying to use similar approach in Oracle but is is throwing error as Invalid column at the join. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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