Monday, April 23, 2012

Successful upgrade to SQL Server 2012

Hi everyone. Today I successfully upgraded our production database to the new version -SQL Server 2012. Actually everything went ok, and after running Upgrade Advisor and restored the database into a new server. The "challenge" was to upgrade existing SSRS reports and SSIS packages. What I would recommend is to open a new project in SQL Data Tools (yes BIDS is gone) and adding report by report to the project. SQL Server automatically upgraded them for first time I run them. Another thing is that now you can much easily to configure SSRS and even if you specified not to "configure" during the installation. I have not noticed any performance degradation since we moved from SQL Server 2005.So lets enjoy new features that were introduced and happy working with SQL Server 2012.


Unknown said...

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alicetaylor said...

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