Sunday, August 9, 2009

SQL Server 2005/2008 on Windows 7

SQL Server MVP John Paul Cook has already mentioned on that SQL Server 2008 will install on Windows 7 and it works just fine. I would like to add that SQL Server 2005 is also working just fine along with SQL Server 2008.
Having said that I'm told by many people that Reporting Services does not work on W7.Well the phrase 'does not work' does not say too much without additional info however I decided to do some testing and found out that SSRS works just fine as well, so the problem could be because the SSRS/SQL Server account does not have enough credentials to run SSRS. More over I took old reports which were deployed to our dedicated SSRS server (Windows 2003) and redeployed to Windows 7 and that also worked just fine. I'm really happy with Windows 7 which is faster than Vista and more comfortable than XP.....

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