Monday, September 15, 2008

To speak kindly about RedGate

All of us are aware that restore database with different collation may cause a headache. That what happened to one of our databases where one developer created a database without to pay attention about what kind of data he is going to deal with. Ok,we can set COLLATION even per column , but what if you have lots of tables to be altered with new COLLATION. Well, we can use either import/export or SSIS package or perhaps write some T-SQL script to do the job , however I'd like to tell you how easy to get a new database with desired COLLATION by using RedGate tool.
1) CREATE DATABASE dbname COLLATE 'your desired collation'
2) Open RedGate (SQL Compare)tool to move the structure of source db to the destination db. That's all.

I takes a few minutes even we had 25GB database. I'd strongly recommend to have a look at this great tool.(

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Nilesh Gambhava said...

Do redgate provides any tools for Stored Procedure Generation? like SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedure Generator?

I am looking for some thing like this