Tuesday, May 1, 2007

String manipulation (extracting)

I probably should create some group of articles for string manuipulation.At this time I'd like to show you an example to extract portion of text prior/after to some charcter/symbol.An idea is simple to iterate through string and return the text prior (in my example) to 'N' appearance of specified symbol.

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.udf_Extract(
@target varchar(8000),
@string varchar(8000),
@i int
) RETURNS varchar(8000) AS BEGIN
DECLARE @pos int
SET @pos = 0
SET @pos = CHARINDEX(@target,@string,@pos+1)
SET @i = @i - 1
IF @pos = 0 RETURN '0'
RETURN SUBSTRING (@string,1,@pos-1)

SELECT dbo.udf_Extract('@','hjdhjdhj@hjjsd@hjdfhdfj@jjj,3)


Unknown said...

Hi Uri Dimant

Will this give the same result of what your function gives?

declare @v varchar(100)
set @v='hjdhjdhj@hjjsd@hjdfhdfj@jjj'
select left(@v,len(@v)-charindex('@',reverse(@v)))

Unknown said...

Well. I didnt notice the third parameter. If the string has maximum three @s then you can play with parsename function and display accordingly

declare @v varchar(100)
set @v='hjdhjdhj@hjjsd@hjdfhdfj@jjj'
set @v=replace(@v,'@','.')


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