Sunday, April 15, 2007

Drop all indexes

Well, sometimes we have to do that. A large INSERT statement may run faster for instance. The below script just generate DROP command of all indexes in current dataabse. You can add a filter to specify a table name for example.(SQL Server 2000)

'.' +
'.' +
FROM sysobjects o
JOIN sysindexes i ON =
INDEXPROPERTY(,, 'IsStatistics') = 0 AND
INDEXPROPERTY(,, 'IsHypothetical') = 0 AND


Walking on Sea said...

The script worked just fine. Thanks.

But there is one issue. i am getting the following error and thus unable to delete. any solution for it. I mean for all theindexes in the db.

"An explicit DROP INDEX is not allowed on index . It is being used for PRIMARY KEY constraint enforcement."

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aiya said...
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aiya said...
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